Can I watch The Scorch Trials on HBO Now?

As you might know you can watch Maze Runner on HBO Now at the moment. I can not guarantee you that it will remain available forever, but at the moment you can still watch it. But, can you watch Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials on HBO Now?

The Scorch Trials on HBO Now

The answer to that question at the moment is no! Unfortunately this film is so new yet that no such streaming service still has this film available in its register. You can still watch it online as an Instant Video on, but you will need to pay full price for the film if you want to do so.

If you have seen Maze Runner, then you will for sure be curious on the follow up film named The Scorch Trials. I have just watched it and I must admit that I was really waiting for the film. I did not have big expectations, because most of the people I had been speaking to about the film before I actually watched it were negative and did not give the film much praise. And, because of that I was really surprised at the film, because the first twenty minutes I really enjoyed and I found them to be packed with action and felt like it kept the pace in which the original film ended.

But, after twenty minutes I stopped enjoying the film that much and after that I felt as if the film turned into more and more nonsense and that it had lots of problems making me feel as if the connection between the original film and the follow up film was almost completely lost. I will of course watch the coming Maze Runner film as well, The Death Cure as it will be released probably in the start of 2017, but I do hope it will become better than The Scorch Trials, because if not, then I will feel like wasting my time.

I guess I do follow and agree with most critics who have given this film a rating around 40% or between 4-5 out of 10 points. Not at all a fantastic film, but since people enjoyed the original Maze Runner film, this because a great success in cinemas worldwide and turned into one of the most popular films in cinemas all around the world as it was released in September 2015.

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