Big Little Lies, the big winner at the Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards were held recently, and it had two big winners. It is quite interesting to notice that neither of the big winners was produced by normal cable networks like CBS, NBC or Fox, but by HBO and by Hulu.

Based on this information you may have guessed already which shows won the big awards. It was not The Mindy Project, and it wasn’t Westworld. Instead, it was The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies.

The Handmaid’s Tale is a quite brutal Hulu TV series telling the story of life in a conservative world where girls were held hostage to give birth to boys for rich people. I haven’t watched this show continuously, but I watched the first episode. It was incredibly well made, but it wasn’t my sort of series.

I have, however, watched Big Little Lies, and after watching it, I wrote a big article on the TV series. Are you considering Big Little Lies as your next TV series to watch? Read the article first to understand if it is a TV series for you or not.

EMMY Awards

It isn’t entirely fair to call Big Little Lies a TV series, after all, it is rather a short film made up of seven episodes. I understand why Nicole Kidman won an Emmy Award for her performance. It might understand why Alexander Skarsgaard won an Emmy Award as well, even though I so much hated his role in the TV series, that I would never even consider giving the actor himself an Emmy for his performance.

Would you like to watch Big Little Lies online?

It is easy to watch Big Little Lies online. The best way is to stream it on HBO Now, and you can do so from all across the world. HBO Now has a free thirty day trial period, making it very convenient. You will for sure finish the seven episodes of Big Little Lies within those thirty days, and then you can make up your mind afterward about whether you want to prolong your subscription or not.

If you are living outside the United States follow these instructions to watch HBO Now in Europe.

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