Fubo TV introducing new prices

For a long time Fubo TV costed 10 USD a month. Back then there was nothing to watch. Since then it has developed and the Premier package available is fantastic.

As Fubo TV introduced the Premier package the price announced was 50 USD per month, but the introductory price would be only 35 USD per month. Now they are changing the prices a bit, and if you sign up for the Premier Package the price will be 39,9 USD per month (instead of 35). At the moment there is a fantastic sign up price where you only pay 19,99 USD for the first two months, but once that period will finish, users will have to pay 39,99 USD per month.

If you have signed up and currently pay 35 USD per month, that price will remain (meaning that you will not have to pay the higher price per month).

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