Can I watch the Euro 2016 on CTV from outside Czech Republic?

As you might know there is a European Championship coming up this summer. The event will be arranged in France and we are really happy that Czech Republic is among the teams that qualified directly to the tournament.

When the qualification to the tournament started most people would have believed that Turkey and the Netherlands would be the top two teams in this group, but when the qualification was finished it ended up with Iceland as winners in front of the Czech Republic, with Turkey third and the Netherlands at a fourth place. That was a big surprise!

So, when the Euro 2016 will kick off the Czech Republic will have some great matches to be played and the first match will be played on June 13th against Spain, and then they will play against Croatia on June 17th and the last match will be against Turkey on June 21st (full schedule can be found here). This is for sure not the easiest group, but in football anything can happen, so maybe the Czech Republic will win this group in front of Turkey? That would for sure surprise everyone!

Watch the Euro 2016 on Ceska Televizie

If you want to watch the Euro 2016 online on Czech television, on CTV, then you will need to get yourself a Czech IP address. That is really easy and the best way to get one is by using the VPN services of IPVanish.Visit IPVanish websiteAnd get your desired IP address in seconds

If you click the button above you will be taken to the IPVanish website and there you can get a subscription and sign up for the IPVanish services. They have a seven day full refund policy, so just give it a try and see how great it will work. Once you have signed up you download their client and connect to a server in the Czech Republic, and at once you will get a Czech IP address and then you can watch the Euro 2016 online on the CTV website, even from outside the Czech Republic. Isn’t that simply great?

For more information about broadcasters from the Euro 2016 click the link.  We are really looking forward to the event and we hope that the Czech team will surprise everyone and beat Spain in their opening match. That would be something!