Winter Olympics at BBC

Winter Olympics at BBCIf we speak about the Winter Olympics in the UK, there is one TV station and broadcasting company that needs to pop to your mind, and that is BBC. They will be the loners ruling the TV screen during the Winter Olympics, where they are supposed to broadcast for more than 200 hours between February 7th and February 23rd.

Since it is still two weeks before the Winter Games in Sochi will start, we do not know exactly what it will look like and how much will be available in the BBC iPlayer, but based on the assumption that the BBC iPlayer is an extremely good tool and that BBC always makes almost everything available there, I have a feeling that those who want to watch Winter Sports online, will get plenty of chances to do so using the BBC iPlayer. You might get some trouble if you try to watch it from outside the UK, but I have written an article on how to watch BBC iPlayer from outside the UK, so read that article for more information.

If you want more information, and the most updated article on how to watch the Winter Olympics at BBC iPlayer, or maybe at some other English channel, can be found here written by me at another blog. I will frequently update that post, so check it out for the latest and most updated information on how to watch live from Sochi at BBC and other TV channels.

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