How to watch Sherlock: The Empty Hearse online?

It was aired yesterday and it was an episode we have all been waiting for such a long time. It was an amazing episode where Sherlock returns, after he faked his own death in the last episode of season 2.

If you want to watch Sherlock: The Empty Hearse online in these days all you need to do is to visit the BBC homepage and take a look at the episode in the BBC iPlayer. Direct link to a site where you can watch the episode is here. Be aware of the fact that this episode is only available until January 19th online, so you better hurry up and check it out!

If you see this error message when watching Sherlock

The Empty Hearse error message
Do you see the following error message as you try to watch The Empty Hearse on BBC iPlayer?

If you see the following error message as you try to watch Sherlock: The Last Hearse using the BBC iPlayer, it means that you are located outside the UK and need a UK IP address to get things working.

I have written a long article about that, and that is really what this page is all about, so to find out how to fix the problem and get rid of the error message from above, read more about how to watch BBC iPlayer from outside the UK!

Enjoy Sherlock and enjoy BBC iPlayer!

I am watching Sherlock on BBC iPlayer
Screenshot taken as I watch Sherlock on BBC iPlayer from abroad