Two popular BBC series

Did you know that one of the most popular BBC series throughout history just ended its fifth season on BBC? Line of Duty is the name of the series, and it has enjoyed a fantastic response since running on BBC1.

I have had lots of people coming to this page to read more about Line of Duty season 5 and how to watch it online. But, Line of Duty isn’t the only BBC series which has turned incredibly popular. Fleabag is another BBC series that has lots of fans worldwide, and the female director and main actor has done a great job with the series.

The first season aired in 2016, and it took three years for the second season to get on BBC in 2019. Now it is finished airing and there are lots of fans who have been streaming the recent episodes of Line of Duty and Fleabag on the BBC website.

But, how can it be done?

There are a couple of videos on YouTube explaining how you can watch Line of Duty season 5 online and also how you can watch Fleabag season 2 online. If you haven’t seen them and want to find out how you can stream the most recent seasons and episodes as well, watch the instructions and follow them.

You might try to stream content on BBC abroad using a VPN, but it is very easy to end up getting an error message even so. How come? Why do you get the error message on BBC iPlayer when using a VPN? Is it something wrong with the VPN? It might be. Find out how as you read the following article.

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