Can I watch England – Sweden on BBC from abroad?

I am currently in Barcelona and get an error message as I try to watch BBC. Is it possible to watch England -Sweden on BBC from abroad?

Who would ever leave the country when England has qualified for a quarter-final in the World Cup? Now that is a good question, but who could know that England would qualify? Based on their performance in the last international tournaments that would be hard to expect. But, now they are here, and after winning against Colombia on July 3rd, they are ready for the quarter-final against Sweden on July 7th. The match will start at 3 PM GMT.

Can I watch England - Sweden on BBC from abroad
Can I watch England – Sweden on BBC from abroad

How can I watch England – Sweden on BBC from abroad?

Have you registered a user at the BBC website yet? If not, you need to create a user at the BBC website first. Make sure to register with a UK ZIP code. If you have done this, you are ready to move on.

If you try to watch BBC from abroad, you will get an error message saying that it cant be done. The reason is that you can only watch England vs. Sweden (and other BBC content) if you are located in the UK.

To make the error message go away you will need to fake your location, and this can be done by changing your IP address using the VPN services of ExpressVPN. Visit their website, download their application and connect to a server in London, and you are ready to go. You can later use ExpressVPN to watch American Netflix and much more, and of course, to watch the rest of the FIFA World Cup on BBC and ITV in England.

Are you ready to watch England – Sweden online? For more information in general on how to stream BBC from abroad (on computers and Android systems), visit

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