Can I use IPVanish to stream BBC iPlayer in Africa in 2021? If not, which VPN to use?

BBC iPlayer is fantastic, and there are so many awesome shows worth watching there. Besides the TV series, you can also watch the BBC live streams and so much more at the website. But, if you reside in Africa or somewhere else (that is not in the UK), you will see all sorts of errors as you try to stream BBC iPlayer. Can IPVanish help you get rid of those error messages? Or do you need to use a different VPN service? Here you will find all the information you need!

Doctor Who is a fantastic BBC series, and you can stream this together with His Dark Materials, Killing Eve, and many others shows in BBC iPlayer. But, if you have tried to stream BBC iPlayer abroad, you have most likely seen all sorts of error messages, for example one looking like this.

BBC only works in the UK
BBC only works in the UK – No Doctor Who for me tonight, ay?!

Do you see the error message? It tells me that BBC iPlayer only works within the UK. So, what can you do if you want to stream BBC with encryption (using a VPN), or if you are abroad and in desperate need of streaming some stuff on BBC? Is IPVanish a solution?

Can I use IPVanish with BBC iPlayer?

Let me start by answering this question first! Do you know the truth? I received the error message above actually USING IPVANISH. This is a good and old VPN provider that hasn’t refreshed a lot on their services in the most recent years. As a result, they have a virtual footprint known by most streaming services and TV networks. So, whenever BBC iPlayer sees the footprint of IPVanish (which comes from the IP addresses they hand out), they immediately close the door and treat the visitor as a foreigner.

bbc uk with ipvanish
It doesn’t help connecting to an IPVanish server in the UK if you want to stream BBC abroad.

There are lots of IPVanish servers in the UK, but they are all blocked, meaning that IPVanish is not a good solution for those who aim to stream BBC outside the UK.

CONCLUSION: IPVanish is not a good solution for streaming BBC abroad.

How to stream BBC iPlayer abroad then?

So, IPVanish will not help you stream BBC in Africa, or on any other continent. But, how can you watch all your favorite BBC programs then? Which VPN to use?

I have already written a lot about streaming BBC abroad here at, so check that site for detailed and thorough information. But, if you are eager to get a quick answer, then my recommendation would be to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN. This is a very solid and fast VPN, and probably the best in the world currently when it comes to unblocking.


Click the button above to visit the ExpressVPN website and to get 3 months for free as you purchase one of their 12-month plans. They have a 30-day full refund policy, making is a safe solution!

When you have purchased an ExpressVPN subscription, download their VPN client, connect to a server in the UK, and you should be ready to watch all the content on BBC iPlayer immediately. You can also use ExpressVPN to stream ITV abroad, to watch UK Netflix, and for unblocking popular and famous streaming services and TV networks such as Hulu, PeacockTV, HBO Max, Netflix (in 8 countries), Amazon Prime, and lots of others.

Isn’t that just brilliant? You can read more about ExpressVPN in the following review if you want to learn more about the VPN provider before you continue.

CONCLUSION: ExpressVPN is a brilliant solution for those who want to stream BBC abroad.

I hope this article has answered your questions. Should you still have anything on your heart, please write a comment and I will do my best to help you out!

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