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Curling at ATV during the Winter OlympicsThere are some nations in which only one TV station has all the rights to broadcast from the Winter Olympics, see NBC in the States and BBC in the UK), and then there are some nations in which there are more than one TV station which has the rights. Such a nation is Austria, because in the nation of the Alps and talented skiers ATV are sharing the rights to broadcast from the Winter Olympics with ORF.

Austria is always one of the best nations during Winter Olympics, and it is expected that Austria will become one of the best nations also during the Winter Games in Sochi. If you want to see how things are going, and if the ski jumpers from Austria keeps flying high during these games, make sure to watch the games online. Normally ATV do not have any live stream available at their website, you are only able to watch already broadcasted programs at their website, but it might turn out differently during the Winter Olympics.

Anyway, I will be back with new and updated information as the Winter Games gets closer and it will be possible to say something 100% for sure about which Austrian channel will broadcast what online!

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